Destiny 2 PC Launch


In October 2017, Activision set out to reveal the it’s first ever PC platform launch for Destiny 2, the sequel to its award-winning predecessor, Destiny. The objective was to deliver awareness of the PC SKU and drive unprecedented sales.


For the release of Destiny 2 on PC, we activated a multiplatform digital strategy across Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. We also leveraged CRM data to reach qualified audiences and used a custom 1:1 messaging strategy to drive users down the funnel on Social.


For our sequential messaging strategy, we first showed our audiences the main Destiny trailer. Viewers were then shown a Facebook image link ad to drive sales, but non-viewers were served custom gameplay assets as a follow-up. Those who did not convert nor view the videos were served a final video trailer. In addition to our messaging strategy on Social, we also leveraged Google to capture intent and YouTube to spread mass awareness.


Not only did the Destiny 2 PC game drove mass awareness (>80% share of voice) and sales, since it’s release on Oct. 24, it:

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