As a founding member of the Performance Media team at PlayStation, my role extended beyond leading and managing social campaigns across various business units. I was deeply committed to streamlining workflow, spearheading tests and proposals, and implementing impactful changes to enhance campaign performance and reduce costs for the company.

During my tenure of three years at PlayStation, I successfully managed and executed performance campaigns for:

  • Promotions: Implemented promotions for various game titles on a bi-weekly basis, adapting sale amounts and titles according to market demands.
  • Live Services: Showcased new content consistently for regularly updated game titles such as Fortnite, Genshin Impact, APEX, and Call of Duty, ensuring sustained engagement among gamers.
  • Foundation: Ran “always-on” growth initiatives aimed at broad coverage and raising awareness of PlayStation’s new Store website.
  • PlayStation 1st Party Game Titles: Handled campaigns for both console-originated games transitioning to PC platforms (e.g., Last of Us, Ratchet and Clank) and new title releases (e.g., Helldivers 2).


Within the first year of joining in May 2021, I have implemented significant improvements across the organization, including:

  • Streamlining campaign processes, resulting in increased efficiency and the ability to manage more campaigns with a limited team size. This optimization has led to a 6.5x increase in buyer average compared to our agency equivalent.
  • Organizing files and status documents to improve communication and streamline status calls, enhancing overall cohesion within the team.
  • Standardizing ad naming conventions to align with our agency, facilitating data integration and future analysis.
  • Transitioning communication to Wrike, resulting in a significant reduction in campaign execution errors.
  • Implementing time tracking for tasks to optimize resource allocation and improve team productivity.

My efforts in implementing performance-enhancing changes, refining organizational processes, and fostering cross-functional collaboration have been instrumental in driving efficiency and reducing operational costs while expanding reach across teams. This has been one of at he cornerstone of our growth strategy for FY22.

In 2022, I:

  • Increased the strength of our team and company by enabling us to activate TikTok in-house. This has a multitude of implications across the board, essentially positively affecting cross-team collaboration and reducing company costs.
  • Implemented a permanent change in how we ran our campaigns, through testing units such as new ad units (collection ads) and creative formats which had a notable impact within the media team. Implementing these tactics across various campaigns prove to decrease campaign costs while increasing performance.

In 2023, I:

  • Spearheaded the integration of Snap as a campaign partner, expanding our capabilities and setting the stage for improved ROI and efficiency.
  • Developed a comprehensive Brand Lift Study template, streamlining communication and knowledge-sharing among stakeholders, while also establishing a valuable historical record for future reference.
  • Demonstrated the immense value of TikTok as a media partner, both in terms of exceptional performance and invaluable brand lift insights. This success has prompted us to include TikTok in nearly every future campaign, enhancing our overall strategy.
  • Activated global campaigns like Ratchet and Clank and Helldivers 2 internally, which not only reduced costs but also fostered greater collaboration across teams.
  • Leveraged strategic ad placements, such as the TikTok Top View (a first for our team), ensuring maximum visibility and operational flexibility, and surpassing the outcomes achievable through agency-run campaigns.
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