On November 13, 2018 Activision remastered and released Spyro Reignited Trilogy. Like Crash Bandicoot, it had a loyal following of people who played and loved the series when they were young. There was high demand to bring the popular dragon back. Awareness of Spyro wasn’t necessarily the main issue as Spyro is a classic, known and beloved by many. However, we had to think of a way to ensure the public knew that their favorite dragon was back, and the same- only better.


Since we knew fans loved the original Spyro, we wanted to advertise to the right people with gameplay that showed the dragon didn’t change. Spyro was still the funny and silly dragon who was fiery and a badass. We recommended using several creative cuts, rotated in on different weeks on paid search and social, to allow enough time for fans to see and digest the content while building up hype.

In addition to building up hype, Activision also fueled engagement and discussion by forming collaboration with Snoop Dogg. Spyro, on a journey all over the world to engage with his fans, flew and finally landed on release day to personally give Snoop Dogg a copy of the game.


We used creative cuts that demonstrated the before-and-after of Spyro, doing the same exact thing as before but with updated graphics. These cuts were of Spyro in different maps, blowing fire and collecting jewels, but all scaled up.

We leveraged the Snoop Dogg cuts as well, which showed Snoop Dogg playing Spyro and talking to Spyro like a buddy. In conjunction to the gameplay with updated graphics creative, we served the ads out to fans who have shown interest in nostalgic content, Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, or Snoop Dogg.

On Facebook/Instagram and Twitter, Snoop Dogg tweeted out real-time updates on Spyro’s location and was a huge advocate for the dragon, which we worked with their team to promote and engage our audience in the excitement.


  • Won Family/Kids Title of the Year at the Australian Games Awards
  • Launch month dollar sales were 30% higher than the launch month sales for all over Spyro games combined.
  • Won the best new game of November 2018 on PlayStation’s blog
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